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German Shepherds it's not our job, it's our passion...

We are devoted breeders of German Shepherd dogs in  Cyprus, dedicated in implementing highest quality and standards for our breeding.

All our puppies for sale are the result of extremely careful and selective breeding, having always in mind the promotion of quality of the German Shepherd Dog 

We are family oriented breeders, all our dogs are kept in houses with children, we make sure they are treated in the best possible way so mental and body health to remain in highest possible level.  

Honesty is unconditional!, all health and work certificates our dogs obtain are real and indisputable.

We breed for balanced characters, healthy dogs and enhancing the natural beauty of this magnificent breed.

All our dogs for sale are followed by unconditional lifetime support.



The best quality!

Looking for a German Shepherd puppy to buy? just navigate through this section of our website and we guarantee you will appreciate the quality of our breeding. book in advance!


Future Stars!

Our selection for the future of our kennel. These Juniors will stay by us for further evaluation and if they manage to pass our high standards, they will become our vehicle to the future


Our Breeding Foundation!

After proving their quality, these females are now part of our breeding program. 

We aim high and these girls will help us achieve it! 


Undisputed quality!

Beautiful specimens of the German Shepherd breed, Solid structure, Good looking, Strong characters and above all balanced! Dogs for upgrading the quality of the breed!


Any German Shepherd that cannot work, looses the right to be called German Shepherd!

We strongly believe to the above, therefore we devote enormous time on evolving the mental quality of our dogs, always in cooperation with the best trainers we have in Cyprus.


Part of the German Shepherd Dog is the ring presentation and our history proves that our dogs can do a SUPER job out there.

Our trophy gallery has great success stories to tell and all our dogs have proven themselves under respectful and valid judges.